Camp thoughts

* From Aug. 5, 2006*- Training camp is tough on those of us watching, too. At least the players are getting in shape. We're just sweating and getting locked-up backs from standing around. The preseason kickoff is only a week away and everyone associated with the team could not be happier.

But I always try to appreciate this time of year when everyone is undefeated and the anticipation of the season is coming to a full boil.

Things on the brain during camp...

**What would Mario Williams be like on the other side of the line at left tackle?

**He has the size, speed and smarts to do it, but that kind of talent will be better off wrecking plays than creating them.

If Dom Capers had coached the defense himself, and let Chris Palmer have complete control of the offense from the get-go, would he still be here?

Palmer knew that balanced offenses win in the NFL, but his heart was in the passing game. His Texans' offense was more of a conservative, 'don't turn the ball over' show that Dom Capers required. Meanwhile, on the way out, guys like Gary Walker said the brand of D the Texans played was not the same destructive force they had seen at Capers' other stops.

**How will this defense stack up against the Texans' first defense in '02 which sent two players to the Pro Bowl and ranked 16th in the NFL?

**This year's bunch will have more sacks (Jeff Posey led the '02 squad with 8). They'll probably have a lot of big plays, but give up some as well with a developing secondary and a new system. The offense could do them a favor by keeping the ball more and racking up some points. That will reduce wear and tear and put the opponents' 'O' in more obvious passing situations, allowing the pass rushers to do their thing.

**How many times will I say "Rock and Roll" this year?

**Last year's count: Twice. I don't say "Rock and Roll" for every touchdown. Just sometimes during a big play and never more than once a game. Last year there were only a couple of TDs that seemed to call for it. I made a point not to say it on the first TD in team history and other plays that I think should be kept clean. I know some people aren't crazy about it, but I've been doing it for 12 years and the team loves it. If they didn't, I'd drop it.

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