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Caserio talks wrestling, draft, and uniforms on The Pat McAfee Show


Houston Texans Executive Vice President & General Manager Nick Caserio was a guest on the Pat McAfee Show on Thursday.

After making a big splash in the 2023 NFL Draft by selecting QB C.J. Stroud second overall then trading up to draft Will Anderson Jr. third overall, Caserio and the Texans didn't have a first round pick in the 2024 Draft.

Despite being without a pick on the first day of the draft, Caserio and Head Coach DeMeco Ryans were very excited by the players they landed and how the draft class helps fill out the team's roster.

Given all the strong work Caserio has done this offseason, McAfee provided him with WWE wrestler Cody Rhodes' entrance music.

Caserio revealed that he's a big WWE fan. "There's just something about when you hear The Undertaker's music," he said.

Echoing what he told media immediately following the draft, Caserio told McAfee that he and Ryans continue to have a great relationship because they "see football through the same lens."

"The players respect the hell out of him because he's so real," he continued.

Of course, McAfee brought up the Texans' new fan-inspired uniforms. The team released four new uniforms and three new helmets, along with a line of brand new merchandise, just over a week ago. Ryans wore gear with the team's new H logo during day three of the draft, and Caserio gave his thoughts on the new looks.

Fans can pick up exclusive merch and new jerseys at the Texans Team Shop at NRG Stadium.