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CB Aaron Glenn retires

Aaron Glenn is done playing. Teams keep calling, but he's home for good in Houston now after 15 seasons in the league. We had him in studio on SportsRadio 610 and talked about a lot of things including 19-10. He still sees it as one of the greatest games he's ever been in. He talked about the smoke being so thick (from the pregame fireworks) that players had trouble seeing the ball in the first half. Corey Bradford drew a pass interference call on the first drive of team history but told Aaron he couldn't find the ball anyway. Two plays later Billy Miller was in the end zone.

My most lasting Steve McNair memory is not a good one. In the last play of the Christmas weekend game in 2003, McNair found Drew Bennett in the end zone on 4th-and-10 in the 3rd most gut-wrentching loss to the Titans in team history (you know about the other two). I'll always remember things Dom Capers told me about how hard it was to bring down McNair. He was super strong and one of two QBs in my lifetime who could skip practice and be precise on Sunday. Dan Fouts was the other.

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