Chat with Dan O.

Throughout this offseason, we'll catch up with guys working out at the facilities to hear how their preparations for 2010 are going.

Today we caught up with backup quarterback Dan Orlovsky. You can check out the entire video (runs 6:04) by clicking here.

Some of the talking points from our discussion were:

  • He's watching a lot of film on a daily basis and seeing what he did in his 2009 preseason snaps, and compared that to what Matt Schaub did during the regular season.
  • This is the first offseason as a professional that he hasn't had to learn a new offense.
  • Unlike last year, when he came to the team from the Detroit Lions, Orlovsky's playing a lot of pickup basketball.
  • He throws on a routine basis to wide receiver Kevin Walter.
  • The Combine wasn't a lot of fun when he went through it in 2005.
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