Cheerleaders Arrive in Japan

We made it!!

The 12-hour flight was surprisingly very smooth and we made it in great time. When we approached the coast, Andrea and I gazed out the window to see the clouds cast beautiful shadows over the Pacific. I have to admit, it is a little intimidating flying over such a large body of water, but it was such a beautiful site flying through the sun and the clouds approaching the Japanese coastline. We are all elated and feel so blessed today!

When we got off the plane we grabbed our luggage and were introduced to Mr. Bob McKeta, the Director of the MWR Sponsorship. Bob greeted us all with a warm hand shake and big bear hugs! What a jewel he is! He will be with us throughout the weekend.

He led us to our bus and said, "It might be a good idea to put on your jackets girls." I think we were thinking, "Nahhh." At that moment the automatic door flew open and a burst of FREEZING cold air hit us all at once!

We put on our jackets. :) Japan is quite cold at the moment.

We have a two hour bus ride to Camp Zama which Bob told us is about 35 miles outside of Tokyo. He was kind enough to bring along a few base newspapers that feature our pictures in ads regarding the Super Bowl Festivities that will be taking place! How exciting!!!!

As soon as we get to Camp Zama we will settle in and get some grub!

Can't wait to begin the week!


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