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Cheerleaders celebrate Valentine's Day

Hi Texans Fans! As you all know Valentine's Day is right around the corner so I thought I would consult with some of my teammates and share some gift ideas for that special someone. I have asked some of my teammates to reveal some of the most memorable gifts that they have given or received on Valentine's Day.

I'll start first. I appreciate intangible gifts such as tickets to the theatre or a weekend get-away. Last Valentine's Day, I received a wonderful trip to Fredericksburg which is right in the heart of Texas Wine Country. It was such a charming place and only a few hours from Houston.

Nicole: Over the entire day, I received 3 dozen roses, first at my drill team locker room, then at my house when I went home for lunch and finally at our dinner date.

Edith: It is tradition now that I have a pizza delivered in the shape of a heart with the message: "I love you" spelled out with pepperoni. This has become my sweetie's Valentine's Day lunch!

Celina agrees with Edith. She did the same thing for her long distance sweetheart.

Amanda: I wanted to focus on things that made my Valentine smile, so I gave him baseball tickets and a framed picture of the two of us.

Terri: The most memorable present I received was my engagement ring from my wonderful fiancé! He asked me to marry him on Fed. 17th; he told me it was a Valentine's Day dinner, but it ended up being the happiest day of my life.

And lastly, if you still can't find something perfect for your sweetheart, browse around our team store and I am sure you'll find just the right thing!

Happy Valentine's Day!

  • Sonya
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