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Cheerleaders' holiday spirit

Hi Texans Fans! It is absolutely amazing how this season has flown by so far. As a rookie, I am beginning to reminisce on the experiences I have had to opportunity to be a part of as a Houston Texans Cheerleader. We have attended the Pro Cheerleader Camp in Atlanta, been a part of Bulls and Birdies and Taste of Victory, and now, with the holiday season upon us, we are all keeping busy attending public appearances. In the spirit of the season, I have realized what I appreciate most about being a Houston Texans Cheerleader is the friendships that I have formed with my fellow teammates. Through all of the sweat and dedication, we have created amazing bonds with each other that we will soon celebrate during the holidays. This is a wonderful time of year to reflect and recognize the value of all of the moments we have been through together. From tough practices, late evenings and early mornings to going to photo shoots, performing on game days and listening to the fans cheer after we have scored a touchdown, I can truly say that we are all thankful to be members of this amazing team. Go Texans!

  • Sonya
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