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Houston Texans

Chris who?

Every year during camp there's a player or two that makes even the most serious fan grab their rosters and say out loud: "Who?"

Allow me to introduce you to Chris White.

White may seem like a stranger to us, but he's familiar with Houston, having played at Southern Miss and competing against the University of Houston for two seasons in Conference USA. White was signed to the Texans' practice squad in November of 2006.

Texans fans have yet to see White on the field, but during the training camp press conference on Wednesday, head coach Gary Kubiak let everyone know (including Mike Flanagan and Steve McKinney) that in no uncertain terms No. 63 will be one to watch throughout the month of August.

During the presser, Kubiak said that White was a player "who's had probably one of the best offseasons of any player on our team," and that although Flanagan and McKinney hold an advantage in terms of experience, White "is definitely in that mix and will give them a battle."

Bet you didn't see that one coming.

I can't imagine Drew Hodgdon is all that thrilled, either.

At any rate, whether Kubiak's glowing endorsement of White was a not so subtle message to Flanagan and McKinney, or a calculated measure to boost White's confidence, or both, the message is clear. The best players will play and the head coach is always looking for ways to improve this team.

I recall Kubiak's words at the post-draft luncheon that he wanted to make this team "hard to make." I think he's starting to get there.

The good part about this is the possibility that the Texans have found a diamond in the rough, and with Flanagan turning 34 years old this year and McKinney 32 years old, I'd say the timing is good. Considering where Flanagan and McKinney are in their careers, it's kind of important to have someone other than Fred Weary who's capable of playing center, especially if Hodgdon isn't in the long-term plans.

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