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Colvin comes to Houston

General manager Rick Smith appears to have outmaneuvered the Colts, signing outside linebacker Rosevelt Colvin to a free agent deal with the Texans today. Colvin, an Indianapolis native, spoke with the Tony Dungy and crew before meeting with the Texans several weeks ago.

The 10th-year pro looked like he would opt to play for his hometown team, which needs a pass rusher because Dwight Freeney still is not healthy. But Smith worked his magic with Colvin's agent, Kennard McGuire, who lives in Houston and represents wide receiver André Davis.

Davis and Colvin played together for the Patriots in 2005 and been in touch since Colvin began talking with the Texans.

"I have a little bit of a history with André Davis because he played in New England with me for a year, so I've had a chance to speak with him," Colvin said. "Other than he, speaking with people in the front office, that's about most of the communication that I've had.

"I've got a lot of history here because my parents both were born and raised in the area and obviously, the history with Rick (Smith), him giving me my scholarship to Purdue University. So it was a great foundation before I stepped foot here and so hopefully we can continue to build upon that and it can be a situation, like I said, that'll be beneficial for both parties."

Smith first met Colvin when he was coaching at Purdue and recruited the linebacker to play for the Boilermakers. Smith was committed to getting the Texans a pass rusher to complement defensive end Mario Williams, and he thought Colvin was the perfect fit.

Colvin probably won't be used as an every-down linebacker. Aside from DeMeco Ryans, the starting linebackers right now are Morlon Greenwood and Zac Diles. Colvin likely will come in as a situational rusher on passing downs.

Last season, Colvin suffered a foot injury and registered just four sacks for the New England Patriots. He passed his physical in Houston, and the team thinks he is capable of doing big things when healthy.

"I think at the point in my career, this'll be my 10th season, although I don't have a lot of miles on my body, I have a couple things that have held me back a couple seasons," Colvin said. "Being a veteran, you try to use those tools the best you can. The role, to what it's going to be and what it will be, like I said, could change at any moment, and so I'm prepared regardless if it's going to be 70 plays – which you don't want to play 70 plays because it means you're probably not winning those games – but 70 to 80 plays or 20 to 30 plays, whatever it may be to help the team benefit and get the job done defensively."

Colvin was drafted by the Bears in 1999 and started 36 games at defensive end in Chicago's 4-3 defense. He led the Bears in sacks in 2001 and 2002 seasons with 10.5 sacks each season. For his NFL career, Colvin has recorded 414 tackles and 52.5 sacks.

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