Combine Eve

The 2010 Combine starts tomorrow and we'll be there to cover it. GM Rick Smith is in Indianapolis and will be joined by the coaching staff and scouting department as they check out Draft hopefuls.

We'll have videos and podcasts each day, plus stories and blogposts. In addition to the official invites, it's a who's who of NFL writers and draft experts as well.

Also, the Texans are flipping a coin with the Atlanta Falcons for the 19th pick in the first round, and we'll have the results when that all goes down.

James Casey stopped by the offices today and had a fun time during his live chat. We also corraled him for a podcast afterwards, and when he finished up he was off to class. He's staying busy this offseason with courses at Rice, as he's taking a full courseload of 16 hours. He also said his knee is feeling great and that he's taking part in the offseason strength and conditioning program.

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