Connor Barwin Question & Answer

Connor Barwin (2:05:54PM): Thanks for stopping by for the live chat today. Let's talk.

James Pittman - Baytown, TX, US: After a year of good success personally, and with monster Mario by your side, do you see the Texans defense being a dominant force in the NFL?

Connor Barwin (2:07:07PM): Yes. I'm looking forward to season two. I think I have matured, and I think the defense as a whole should be better than the year before.

Chris Gastmeier - Eastpointe, MI, US: Now that your first year is over and done with, what are you looking to improve on or change this upcoming season?

Connor Barwin (2:08:44PM): I'm looking to have a faster start than I did last year, and looking to improve on my pass rush as well as my run defense.

Jones - Austin, TX, US: If you could spend the day with anyone in the world..who would it be with?

Connor Barwin (2:10:25PM): Barack Obama. I think that would be pretty amazing to see everything that he has on his plate in one day and how he handles it all and stays so upbeat.

Dale in Nederland - Nederland, TX, US: Conner since you were told last season that your spin move to get to the QB was the worst he'd ever seen, what have you been working on to improve that move or just your all around pass rush? Thanks, Dale

Connor Barwin (2:12:12PM): Who told you it was the worst they had ever seen?! Regardless of what Bill Kollar might have said, I have worked on the spin move so it's not the worst any more, and I have worked on a couple of counter moves as well.

Dave Berk - Miamisburg, OH, US: What was the biggest adjustment you had to make when you left Cincinnati for the NFL? Who told you that you'd have a great career?

Connor Barwin (2:13:15PM): You told me I would have a great career, Dave. Thanks a lot. The biggest adjustment was becoming kind of a situational player and just adjusting to the strength and how much more complex the game is.

Texas Pete - Richmond, TX, US: Who do you feel is the toughest/strongest player that you have gone up against in the Pros?

Connor Barwin (2:14:14PM): Without a doubt, it was Jake Long from the Dolphins.

Becky - Tomball, TX, US: Connor, Which Texans jersey combination is your favorite? The white jerseys with blue bottoms, the blue jerseys with white bottoms, all white, all red, or all blue.

Connor Barwin (2:14:43PM):

All red. All red is AWESOME.

Yours Truly - Hazel Park, MI, US: DUUUUUUUUUUDEEEE.... your muscles are so nice in your pictures...this live chat is super have to email your answers back?...i wanted immediate responses...this takes away my fun for the day...c-ya in chicago

Connor Barwin (2:16:13PM):

Hey, sorry, man. There's a lot of questions. Hope you don't get beat up at Jefferson Hall tonight.

Lee - Houston, TX, US: Tell us what kind of a person you are away from football life...something most people wouldn't know?

Connor Barwin (2:17:31PM): I'm a pretty normal guy. I enjoy hanging out by my pool, play a ton of ping-pong. Don't play any video games. I like watching reality TV and I go out with friends probably a couple times a month.

Tick - LaMarque, TX, US: Connor, What time do you arrive on gameday for a home game? Do yall stay in a hotel the night before? Do you see all of us waiting at 7am to let us in the gate to Tailgate?

Connor Barwin (2:19:45PM):

We stay in a hotel downtown the night before. I think we have to be at the stadium at least by 10, but I usually get there about 9. And yeah, when we drive up we always see everybody already tailgating. It's always exciting when you drive up and see everybody already out there.

Rick Brokaw - Raeford, NC, US: Last year you led the rookie DEnds in sacks, what have you done during the off-season to improve on these numbers?

Connor Barwin (2:23:04PM): I went back and watched all the games and saw what I could do better, tried to re-evaluate myself. I feel like I've a great offseason improving my strength and conditioning to be prepared for training camp this year.

Joe Angel Salas - Edinburg, TX, US: How did you feel earning your first sack in Cincinnati? What are your personal goals on the field for 2010 season?

Connor Barwin (2:24:28PM): It was a great feeling to get my first sackk where I played college football, and it was also really special because it was the closest game to where I grew up in Detroit, so I had about 75 family and friends there, which made it special. My personal goals for this season are to be more of a contributor on defense and special teams and just improve on last year.

Tony - Galveston, TX, US: Connor, is your personal attendent/publisher single? The one that was in the videos on your "path to the draft"

Connor Barwin (2:25:26PM): No, she's not. She's married. Sorry.

Charlie Sullivan - Springvale, ME, US: You had 4.5 sacks last year, which is pretty good for a rookie. Do you think you'll be able to increase that number this season? Also, will you and Mario each sack Peyton 2-3 times this year? Or more? Please?

Connor Barwin (2:26:06PM): I'd love to get Peyton two or three times. And yes, I hope I improve on 4.5 sacks.

AJAH - atlanta, GA, US: Die hard Texan fan (currently living in Atl). Huge fan of yours Connor! Do u see yourself becoming an every down player this year or are you more focused on helping the team in passing situations?

Connor Barwin (2:28:10PM): I definitely want to be an every-down player.

Harvey - San Antonio, TX, US: Players these days are choosing unconventional training methods to improve their game. What pointed you towards boxing?

Connor Barwin (2:28:59PM): One of my trainers for the combine was a boxer, and we started out doing it on Fridays just to change up our conditioning method. I just really kind of fell in love with it and have been doing it in the offseason as much as possible ever since.

Barbra - Hockley, TX, US: connor, What kind of coach is Gary Kubiak and what is he like? Is he a scream your head off coach, a calm, cool and collected coach like tony dungy used to be, ect..

Connor Barwin (2:30:21PM): Kubiak is a great coach, and he's not a scream at you kind of coach, but more kind of like a father figure-type coach. If he ever does say anything to you in a tone of disappointment, it bothers you more than any coach could by yelling at you.

Jeff - Sugrarland, TX, US: Do you follow the stock market much?

Connor Barwin (2:31:23PM): Not really. I have a great money management teams in Griffin Portfolio Management out of Southfield, Michigan. Look 'em up.

John B. - Houston, TX, US: Who's the funniest guy on the Texans defense?

Connor Barwin (2:34:40PM): Antonio Smith. But a very close second - sometimes he tries too hard - is Shaun Cody.

Connor Barwin (2:33:23PM): I'm going to stick around for a few extra minutes, so keep those questions coming in.

Marvin Cure - Houston, TX, US: Hey Conner, first of all, great to have you here in Houston! What are your thoughts about the strength of the schedule for the Texans this year? It's a tough one!

Connor Barwin (2:35:56PM): Thanks. Happy to be here. I don't really put much thought into the strength of schedule. I think no matter what your schedule is, it's the NFL; you're going to play a lot of capable teams. It's more about what you do than worrying about who you play.

John - Royal Oak, MI, US: When are the Texans coming to the "D" ? When are you coming back ? HP misses you !

Connor Barwin (2:38:53PM): I'll be back in July before training camp for a couple of days, and I have no idea when we play Detroit.

NUTT - Rochester, NY, US: Yo...What up Connor? Do you have any nicknames? My buddies just call me NUTT! also....I've always thought it could be helpful for libemen to learn the art of SUMO wrestling(it deals alot in leverage). Do you think that could help your game?

Connor Barwin (2:39:29PM): No, I don't have any nicknames.

Wes B - Mont Belvieu, TX, US: Who was your favorite player growing up as a kid?

Connor Barwin (2:40:10PM): Barry Sanders. But my new favorite athlete is Ron Artest after his postgame Game 7 interview.

kii - seatlle, WA, US: YOU'RE MY IDOL DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Connor Barwin (2:42:22PM): Thanks, dude.

BLJ - Houston, TX, US: Where do you see yourself in 5 years now in football life & personal life?

Connor Barwin (2:43:06PM): I see myself playing football for the Houston Texans and hopefully settled in to living in Houston and maybe starting a family.

John - Round Rock, TX, US: Who is your girlfriend?

Connor Barwin (2:43:48PM): She is beautiful.

Connor Barwin (2:44:09PM):

I've gotta run. Thanks everybody for all the questions. I had a lot of fun. Can't wait for the season to start.

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