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Coulda, shoulda, woulda

It was another game that goes in the 'coulda, shoulda, woulda' file. The Texans ended a shaky first half with a field goal drive to cut the lead to 10. They held Atlanta to two second half field goals, yet the offense failed them in the red zone three times, garnering two field goals and a missed 25-yard attempt. Throw in two turnovers in their own end and several Petey Faggins' penalties on defense and you have yourself a 10-point loss.

Just like last week, you get an appreciation that the team can play close despite being shorthanded and making mistakes, but that can get old fast. They let a winable game slip away Sunday and will have to live with it.

The best start in franchise history has now been mortgaged with two-straight losses. The team is 2-2 for the third time ever. They were 2-2 in '03 after David Carr went over the top from the one yard line against Jacksonville with no time left and when they beat Oakland at home in '04.

But things are better this year. Matt Schaub threw for 317 yards without his top two receivers and starting running back. You should continue to feel good about him despite the red zone deficiencies against Atlanta. The fact remains that 16 points is not going to get it done. This was the first game this season without a non offensive touchdown. The offense is going to need to pick it up in the scoring department until Andre Johnson, Ahman Green and Jacoby Jones get back.

Now they have to take on another wounded animal in the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. The 'Phins lost to Oakland on Sunday and will be mad. But it's the Texans who should be more upset than anyone. One quarter of the season is done and they have suffered bad luck and made errors that have put the brakes on a hot start. But there is still a ton of football to be played and the best is yet to come.


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