Cushing's attorney: "I felt as though we had prevailed"

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports said that Harvey Steinberg, Brian Cushing's Denver-based attorney, felt that he was up against a "stacked deck" while representing Cushing at the February appeal of his four-game suspension from the NFL.

Writes Klis:

*Cushing's defense was that because of a medical condition, the player had naturally produced "very, very low levels" of hCG. Steinberg would not specify the medical condition, citing it as a personal matter.

"I felt as though we had prevailed in the hearing," Steinberg said. "I felt as though we had presented substantial evidence in his defense. At one point in the hearing, one NFL expert disagreed about a fundamental point, which to me was proof positive we should have won."

While many people were clamoring for Cushing to express remorse and admit guilt at his news conference Thursday, Steinberg said he advised his client not to apologize.

"Whey *(sic) *should he apologize when he did nothing wrong?" Steinberg said.

He then continued his argument that because of what he believes is an unfair process, an innocent player was found guilty.

"We had expert testimony that agreed that he did produce (hCG) naturally," Steinberg said. "And then after one of the NFL experts said it's impossible for him to naturally produce it, there was a second NFL expert who said, "No, it is possible." At that point, I felt as though we had prevailed."*

Cushing denied that he took a banned substance during a news conference at Reliant Stadium on Thursday, saying that he thought he was playing the season with a tumor and that he was concerned about resolving whatever health issue prompted a positive hCG test.

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