Daily Brew: Proposed rule test drive

While Deshaun Watson and Laremy Tunsil are preparing to play in the 2020 Pro Bowl, they'll need to be ready for a couple of new rules to be tested.

The biggest change would come into play after a successful field goal or touchdown. If the scoring team wants to kick off, creating a touchback, they can skip the play and have the opposing team take the ball at its 25-yard line.

Here's where it gets real interesting. If the scoring team is trailing (or not) and wants to try to keep the ball, they can elect to try and convert a fourth-and-15 play from their own 25-yard line. If they convert, they keep the ball. If not, the opponent gets it on the spot.

This is radical and takes away the onside kick option which is a low percentage play. It's not exactly like fourth-and-15 is a layup, but I'll take my chances with Watson making something magical happen for a 15-yard gain over the long shot of getting just the right bounce on an onside kick.

Call me old school but I like it the way it is. I believe the fourth-and-15 is too much of a bonus for a potentially hot trailing team against a gassed defense. If you're the team in the lead and worked all day to protect it you probably would rather see a kicker trying for a freaky bounce than Watson, Mahomes or Brees attempting a 15-yard play.

Another rule getting tested is far less objectionable. No false start penalty will result from a receiver who flinches as long as one foot stays on the ground and he resets for a second prior to the snap.

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