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Dameon Pierce makes a young fan's day


Sometimes a small act of kindness can have a big impact.

At Texans Training Camp presented by Xfinity, fans come to see great football, gather with friends, and meet their heroes. For one young fan, that hero was Texans RB Dameon Pierce.

"I've been having this guy's jersey since the first time he got drafted!" the fan shouted as Pierce moved down a line of fans signing memorabilia and taking photos.

Pierce paused to sign the young fan's football and lean in for a picture.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Dameon Pierce just signed my football!" the fan yelled and broke down in tears.

It was a beautiful reminder of how much the team and their players mean to the city. Pierce nearly hit 1,000 yards in his rookie season before injury sidelined him. He's back for year two and excited about playing in a new offense. And fans want him to know how much his effort and passion mean to them.

Training Camp presented by Xfinity continues on July 31 as the Texans gear up for the preseason opener at New England on August 10.

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