Daniels working out under insurance policy

Texans tight end Owen Daniels said last week that he wants to be a Texan long-term. He reiterated that stance on Tuesday while speaking with the media before a team workout outside of the Methodist Training Center.

The restricted free agent was tendered by the Texans in early March.

"I did not sign my tender, but the Texans stepped up and put a document together that allowed me to come out and still rehab and be around the guys," said Daniels, who waited until mid-June to sign his tender offer last year. "So it's definitely an act of good faith on their part to protect themselves and me as well."

The document is a sort of insurance policy for both Daniels and the team as Daniels continues to rehab from a torn right ACL.

"We put that together so even if something happens, I'd be compensated and they'd be protected," he said. "They've seen how I've progressed and they've talked to (assistant athletic trainer/rehabilitation coordinator) Roland (Ramirez) and (director of sports medicine/head athletic trainer) Geoff Kaplan, and I think that's why they stepped up and put that document together for me."

Daniels said that his rehab is going smoothly and that he hopes to be able to be full-go by June 1.

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