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David Anderson on his Super Bowl rooting dilemma

Texans wide receiver David Anderson was at radio row on Friday at the NFL Media Center in Fort Lauderdale. Anderson has been in South Florida since last week; he and other Texans receivers were flown down for the Pro Bowl by Andre Johnson.

"This is crazy," Anderson said in between interviews on Friday morning. "I've never been to radio row here. This is a pretty big event. We need to definitely go to the Super Bowl to have a little fun with something like this."

Anderson arrived at the media center Friday at 9 a.m. His first interview was with SportsRadio 610 AM, where Anderson joined hosts Marc Vandermeer and John Lopez (listen to the podcast **here**).

I asked Anderson his prediction for the game on Sunday.

"To be honest, a lot of people have asked me, but I'll tell us," he said, referring to the Texans' website. "I really don't care. I mean, do you want me to root for our AFC South Colts or root for the team we got in a fight with in preseason? It's kind of hard, so either way it's a win-win or a lose-lose for us. But I've always been a fan of (Peyton) Manning, and I think the way the Colts play the game is pretty fun, so I guess I'll root for them. But it'd be cool to watch that city of New Orleans just explode with a victory."

Anderson also commented on what it's like to see the Colts, a team the Texans came close to beating twice this season, in the Super Bowl.

"I think you realize that we gave away that opportunity and they're just taking advantage of theirs, and that's only our fault," he said. "It just stinks to see them because we know if we had given ourselves that opportunity to get in the playoffs, we would've probably created some havoc. But what are you gonna do? It's over and it's done with, and now you've just got to be a fan of football like we all should be as well as players. I don't know, though. I just know next year we're not going to give away two victories."

Here's a photo of Anderson with the 610 guys:

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