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Del Rio, Jones-Drew conference calls

Just got done with the conference calls with Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio and running back Maurice Jones-Drew. The Houston Chronicle's John McClain and I were there for the interview, and McClain did most of the talking. We'll have the full transcripts and audio podcasts up on in a bit.

The first thing that Jones-Drew was asked by McClain was if he's indeed **"licking his chops"** about the prospects of facing the Texans' defense, which ranks last in the league in rushing yards allowed. But Jones-Drew said that the Jaguars have their own things to work on, adding that the Texans are probably licking their chops looking at the Jaguars' deficiencies that led to an 0-2 start.

Del Rio talked about the Jags' two starting rookie offensive tackles, first-round pick Eugene Monroe from Virginia and second-round pick Eben Britton from Arizona. Del Rio, who is notorious for giving very concise answers, said that the two are getting better every day.

The Jags coach also said that rookie receiver Jarett Dillard from Rice will make his debut this Sunday and that the team will "give him a good look" in the game. Dillard set several all kinds of records at Rice with Texans rookie tight end James Casey. We'll be sure to ask James about Dillard this week, and I'm sure he'll discuss the upcoming reunion in his rookie diary for

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