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Draft day coverage: ESPN or NFL Network

I am sitting here in my office inside Reliant Stadium right now and I can't decide which channel to follow the draft on: ESPN or NFL Network.

A lot of you might not have the option of watching the NFL Network, but I have been really impressed with the knowledge that some of their correspondents have. Adam Schefter has a ton of NFL contacts, and he rarely gets scooped on a story. One thing I really like about the NFL Network is that they don't hold back in criticizing players or coaches. Mike Mayock just criticized Randy Moss, for example. The perception that some people have that the NFL Network is just the mouthpiece of the league is, in my opinion, misguided. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but I have found the NFL Network to be very fair.

ESPN, on the other hand, has so many more resources at its disposal than the NFL Network, so it's almost an unfair advantage. But I don't think some of their correspondents are as informed as Adam Schefter. I think Chris Berman is great, and I enjoy listening to Ron Jaworski and Steve Young more than Marshall Faulk and Mike Mayock.

I'd like to hear what all of you are watching today. Right now, it's a toss up for me, so that's why I have the remote control close at hand. If there are any interesting comments, I'll be sure to post them and respond.

Whatever you're watching, I hope that your laptop is close by.


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