Dreessen, Anderson and the Colts linebacking corps

Tight end Joel Dreessen starts this weekend in place of Owen Daniels, and might do so with a stomach full of paper?

Wide receiver David Anderson is one of the best interviews on the squad, and we were lucky enough to huddle with him yesterday in a 1-on-1.

The Colts have a [new starting linebacker this weekend](http://www.indystar.com/article/20091105/SPORTS03/911050433/1058/SPORTS03/Biceps injury knocks out Hagler?GID=cmnzPTGw6FXvXQjOqvLqgeQ5OzzMb50A2Qf/0q9wxhI=).

It's a long read, but Greg Garber of ESPN.com takes a look at whether or not Jacksonville will be able to keep the Jaguars.

Give Tech head coach Mike Leach an Emmy for this performance in last night's Friday Night Lights.

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