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Dunta Robinson: Watching and waiting

This is Dunta Robinson, checking in from the second day of OTAs.

The CBA decision that was announced today is a rough situation, but I guess the owners feel like they've got to do what they got to do. In the meantime, we're just focused on the upcoming season and these OTA practices.

It's rough being on the sidelines. I mean, I hate watching, man. I just want to go out there and get one or two plays. But it's one of those things. I understand an injury takes time. No matter how good I feel right now, I still don't feel like I'm ready to get out there and run around.

So for now, I'm kind of a sideline coach and a sideline pest to the offense. That's kind of my role: getting my guys going on the defensive side of the ball, getting the younger corners going, getting the younger players in the secondary going and just saying some things to irk the receivers. That's kind of my role right now.

I've definitely been watching the younger corners and other guys in the secondary. I try to coach them more on the field than in the meeting room. You really can't say too much in the meetings, basically, because the coaches are doing all the talking. But you come out here and they come to the sideline and ask questions, so it's just trying to coach them on the fly.

Fred Bennett is out right now, so Antwaun Molden, I think, is probably the only young corner we have out there. He's doing a good job. He's getting better each day – came along pretty well the last couple of days in the mini-camp and made his first big play today which resulted in an interception. So we're going to have a good secondary, and I feel good about the players that we have and I feel good about the depth we have at the positions.

As for my rehab, it's getting close and as we continue to get close, I continue to feel better. I'll be out there eventually. I can't get out there right now, and it's killing me that I can't be out there, but hey, I'll be out there. It's coming. The time is coming.

Right now, I just try to speed up each day I come out here and run, try to get a little more confidence and just put the trust in my knee. All the hard work that I've done, it's paying off and when I come out here, I just have to trust my knee and make those plants. I just try to get faster each day and, so far, my knee's been holding up well. It's still got a long ways to go, but I'm working hard and it's coming along well, so I'm excited, man.

As far as how close I am to being back – who knows, man. I mean, maybe August. MAYBE. I'll put that in caps, the maybe part. But, you know, the timetable that they had set for me, I know it won't be that long. I won't be making my first appearance in November. I know that.

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