Enemy Intel: The Falcons are talking about the Texans

Falcons head coach Dan Quinn on Texans QB Deshaun Watson: "This is one tough competitor. That part, besides all of the unique stuff that he brings, his toughness, it's so evident to see, and I'm sure that provides a lot of energy for the team and certainly for the offense. He can be in the pocket, and if there is a protection that moves or a rusher that gets to him, he's ready to fight and go after it and shake the guy off and keep moving and playing. That would be one thing I would say that I was very impressed with, and then past that, his ability to create. There could be a second play, which he gets outside the pocket, he's able to rip it, he can hurt you with his legs, so I would say the toughness and then I'd call it a little bit of ingenuity, where he can create players on the run."

Defensive passing game coordinator Jerome Henderson on Watson: "Very mobile quarterback. Explosive quarterback. Big arm. Can extend plays. Can make plays with his legs. Make plays with his arm. Has poise. He's a problem. You hope that we can keep him in the pocket. That we can get pressure on him. Hit him. Confuse him a little bit. You hope that we can frustrate him and that he won't have a good day."

Falcons QB Matt Ryan on Watson: "He's a great player and a great competitor, and he's had a great career so far."

Falcons' WR Julio Jones on Watson: "He can definitely spin it. He was spinning it when he was in high school here as our ball boy. Very athletic. Can extend plays. Very confident in his arm and his ability. Overall he's a great athlete and a great quarterback."

Quinn on Texans' WR DeAndre Hopkins: "That's one thing I'd say that I really appreciate about him: the aggressiveness that he goes after it. We call it aggressive hands. When the ball is near, how quickly you can pluck it to tuck it, so for him that's one of the things – there's a lot – but that's one of them that jumps out to me."

Henderson on Hopkins: "He's one of the top receivers in this League. Tremendous hands. Tremendous competitor. The quarterback believes in him and will give him chances to make plays for him down the field. You've got to limit his effect on the game.

Quinn on the Texans' run game with Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson: "I thought Hyde, for whatever reason, has always been somebody under the radar. This guy is legit tough and can drop his shoulder, he can put his foot in the ground to try to break you off. He was somebody from San Fran that we played a few years ago, and we had real respect for him there. Then Duke Johnson, the passing game is probably the thing that, you get him into space like our running backs, it's a hard matchup because it's a hard tackle."

Ryan on Texans CB Bradley Roby: "Solid at that cornerback position. Very athletic. He looks like he's transitioning into the scheme really well."

Ryan on Texans DE J.J. Watt and OLB Whitney Mercilus: "They're both really physical. They play with great effort. They get a lot of attempts at rips around the passer. They're very good at getting the ball out in the pocket and causing sack-fumbles."

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