Enemy Intel: The Ravens are talking about the Texans

Ravens head coach John Hargbaugh on Texans QB Deshaun Watson: "No greater challenge than Deshaun Watson. Right at the top. He's throwing the ball extremely well. He has tremendous poise in the pocket. He's seeing the field. He's really hard to get down.

Ravens CB Marcus Peters on Watson: "He's dope. He's an excellent quarterback. You have to give him respect."

Ravens CB Jimmy Smith on Watson: "He can run. He will get loose and he gets first downs with his legs all the time. He'll pull it when he needs to. He's extremely smart and he can throw the ball really well. He's definitely a Top 5 quarterback and we're going to have our hands full with that guy."

Harbaugh on Texans RB Carlos Hyde: "They run the ball well. They've got a heck of a back. He's breaking tackles and running that wide zone, stretch zone play about as well as you can run it.

Peters on Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins: "He doesn't drop passes, and he's a competitor. He has an excellent catch radius, and he loves football. When somebody loves football, that's all you need."

Harbaugh on the Texans defense: [They have] a very stout defensive line led by [D.J.] Reader, who is like our guys. He's hard to move. And they're built their way. They're kind of an odd front, a lot like us, Pittsburgh, New England. That's kind of how they're built. [They have] two really good edge-setting outside linebackers, two downhill, physical, inside linebackers who are also athletic, and a high-pedigree secondary. They have three first-round picks. One of them is a 14-year vet who is playing like he's a four-year guy. And [they have] an excellent safety, obviously, [Tashaun] Gipson over there, who was a high-price free agent. And we played against him in Cleveland. So, we know these guys. They're talented and good on defense. It's one of the top defenses in the league."

Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman on the Texans defense: "They're really, really good up front. Number 98, D.J. Reader, is probably one of the most dominant run players we've seen this year. Their linebackers are what I would call very underrated players. Very good instincts. Very physical. Their secondary is littered with first round picks and high draft picks.

The Houston Texans roster in photos.