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Enemy Intel: What the Colts said about the Texans

A Week 4 matchup with the Colts (1-2) is on tap for the Texans (0-3) at Lucas Oil Stadium. Colts' head coach Frank Reich, some assistants and a couple players shared their thoughts on the Texans, as you can see below.

**Head coach Frank Reich on facing the Texans defense**: "You always game-plan certain things. You chip guys. You try to get some (passes) out quick. You use different avenues. We're playing at home. That's always a little bit of an advantage."

**Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni on defensive end J.J. Watt**: "Yeah, he can wreck a game. We will think about J.J. Watt quite a bit this week."

**Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus on QB Deshaun Watson**: "Heck of an athlete, strong in the pocket, able to extend plays, all those things you deal with Watson and (Carson) Wentz and Russell (Wilson) and all the guys that are out there that do that and that are so good at it. So it will be a challenge for our defense."

**Quarterback Andrew Luck on J.J. Watt**: "He is obviously special. You play in the league long enough and you play Houston twice a year and I know he has gone through his own journey with injuries and coming back and looking as good as ever. He's a special player. He's someone you have to know where he is."

**Luck on playing an AFC South rival**: It's a good team. It's a great challenge for us as an offense with their defense. We do know the game has a little extra importance in terms of wins and losses at the end of the year."

**Colts defensive tackle Al Woods on playing a divisional opponent**: "You definitely want to make a big splash in this division — definitely claim it back how it was years and years ago. Everything is incredibly heightened, everybody is studying, we're all talking. I mean we're in walkthrough thinking it's a game like, 'Hey man, what do you see, what are you talking about?' It's cool."