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Enemy Intel: What the Dolphins said about the Texans

The Texans (4-3) host the Dolphins (4-3) on Thursday Night Football at NRG Stadium. Ahead of the matchup, Miami head coach Adam Gase and some Dolphins players shared their thoughts on the Texans.

**Dolphins head coach Adam Gase on DE J.J. Watt and OLB Jadeveon Clowney**: "They're horrible to go against, let's just put it that way. When you have both of those guys on the edges, they just make it very difficult to do anything, whether it be running or passing the ball. You have to account for both of those guys, which is hard to do. Usually if there is one guy, you can at least say 'Here's what we're going to do this game. We're going to make sure that he doesn't wreck the game.' But when you have both of those guys in the lineup at the same time, it's all kinds of issues. People forget it makes it really difficult to run the ball on those guys because they're fast to penetrate. It's like a hand grenade goes off in the backfield to where your back's always under duress. It's never going to be nice and clean like it looks like on a piece of paper. Our guys just have to do a good job of using their help when they have it and we just have to try to make sure that those guys don't create turnovers."

**Dolphins offensive lineman Jesse Davis on what Watt does well**:  "The arm-over. I was watching a little a film today of the arm-over stuff. Anything that you saw him get a lot of sacks in the previous years is probably what he's going to be using."

**Dolphins LB Raekwon McMillan on Texans offense**: "I see similarities (with) Cincinnati and how they use Joe Mixon; but you have a more athletic quarterback with the Texans. So, you have a bigger chance of a RPO (run-pass option) game. They try to get the ball to '15' (Will Fuller V) and DeAndre Hopkins. They have a solid running back corps, a good quarterback and they get the ball out fast."

**Gase on Texans QB Deshaun Watson**: "He's a difficult guy to go against because not only can he throw the ball, him being able to use his legs is always an issue. When you have an elite wide receiver too, that doubles everything because now all of a sudden, he starts hooking up with him and they start getting hot, then there's issues for us on defense. Then when he starts moving around and his eyes stay down the field, that can cause some problems because now your cover is going to be loose."

**Dolphins T.J. McDonald on QB Deshaun Watson**: "He can do a whole lot. He can run. He can pass. He brings a lot of energy to that team. He's been fun to watch in this short time in the League so far.

**Dolphins S Minkah Fitzpatrick on Watson**: "He's a great quarterback. I played him multiple times in college, winning one against him. He made some amazing plays. He's a tough player. He takes some hits. He made some amazing throws. It's definitely going to be a challenge for us. He'll be one of the better quarterbacks that we play this year. You gotta cover the whole time, until he crosses the line, and that's toughest thing about playing against him."

**Dolphins CB Xavien Howard on WR DeAndre Hopkins**: "He likes to push off a lot. He likes to get physical. That's going to be part of his game. He can make some helluva catches.

**Fitzpatrick on DeAndre Hopkins**: "He's a great receiver. You see him making plays all over the field. Making amazing catches and stuff like that.