Facing the Patriot nation...

So the whole team voted for AFC Pro Bowlers this week, and the defensive line split up so that tackles voted for offensive guards and centers, and ends voted for offensive tackles.

I got together with Mario Williams, Jason Babin and Antwan Peek and we selected Jonathan Ogden from Baltimore and rookie Marcus McNeill from the San Diego Chargers.

Before the voting began, coach Kubiak emphasized that a lot of players' bonuses are based on whether or not they make the Pro Bowl, so it's important to take the voting seriously. It shouldn't be a popularity contest.

I think what happens sometimes is players receive votes because of their reputations and what they did in previous seasons, even though they might not have done much recently. As a player, you always want to vote for the guy you think is more worthy, whether you think he should have gotten it the year before or not.

Regarding New England, for you fans wondering if we have bought any bootleg tapes to study the Patriots' cadence, the answer is no. We're going to go off the film we've got and hopefully it'll be good enough to go out there and have the same performance Miami did last week when they shut out the Patriots.

There's no hiding the fact that we're going to have to be at our best to disrupt quarterback Tom Brady this weekend. He definitely runs their offense, and he's out there making calls and checking to other plays at the line of scrimmage. If you ever get pressure in his face, you're going to have success. That's our number-one goal. Tom is not very mobile. We just need to pin our ears back and hopefully we'll be able to do that.

As far as the running backs for the Patriots, Corey Dillon still has that speed, regardless of his age. He's able to cut that corner and once he does he can take it to the house. The rookie, Laurence Maroney, is an awesome back. You watch him on film and you look at his cutting ability and his vision and it's great. It's amazing the success that's he's had so far. You've got to be prepared for both of them.

Anyways, moving on to other subjects, some of you might have seen me at a few Houston Rockets games this year. I'm a proud season-ticket holder. Growing up, I was a Spurs fan, but I don't cheer for the Spurs any more. I'm kind of a homer, so I cheer for the Rockets. I try to go to all the Tuesday and Friday night games, but obviously I miss the weekend tip offs.

I heard that Allen Iverson requested a trade from the 76ers, which is interesting. Maybe the Rockets could work something out. I love watching A.I. play. I think he's a phenomenal talent, so I think it'd be good just to see him get a chance to get a championship. I hope he goes to a team that's going to be in the playoff hunt.

My favorite player when I was younger was David Robinson. He was a monster inside. That's why I liked him. He was all cut up and I was like, 'Man I want to be like D-Rob.'

I played center in high school. I forget what I averaged, but I started. I wasn't as good as The Admiral, but I held my own.

Enough about basketball, though. I have to get home to rest up before we head out to New England tomorrow.

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