Fans dole out support for Cushing

Linebacker Brian Cushing has been at the center of controversy this offseason after receiving a four-game suspension for violating the NFL's policy on performance-enhancing substances.

Judging by the overwhelming support that Cushing received at Wednesday's All Access event at Reliant Stadium, many of the fans who began supporting him as a rookie in 2009 are still behind him.

Of the 9,614 Texans season-ticket holders at the event, it looked like just as many - if not more - were wearing Cushing's jersey than that of any other player. And the line for Cushing's autograph on the first-level concourse of the stadium was approximately 200 people long for the entire 90 minutes for which he signed.

Check out said line, from back to front, in the video below:

The back of the line began parallel to the 40-yard line on the north side of the stadium. From there, it stretched forward all the way to the southwest corner of the first concourse, about 30-40 yards beyond the south end zone.

"That's special," Cushing said afterward. "With everything that's been going on, I just appreciate everything. The support of the fans means so much. It's a huge part of why I play the game."

One fan told me that he waited in line for 45 minutes and still ended up about 10 minutes away from getting Cushing's autograph before the signing session ended. Those who did make it to the front of the line passed along words of encouragement for the 23-year-old linebacker.

"It was all positive stuff," Cushing said. "Just all complete support: 'We believe you, we're confident in you and we're behind you 100 percent.' There's nothing more special than that."

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