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Houston Texans

Fires in San Diego could affect upcoming game

Fires are raging in San Diego, and several San Diego Chargers players have had to evacuate their homes.

Meanwhile, the Chargers are practicing in Arizona in anticipation of the upcoming game against the Texans.

Check out **this report** from, as well as **this story** from Fox Sports, **this update** from and **this article** from also has an **in-depth look** at the devastation.

It remains to be seen how this could affect the Texans' Week 8 matchup at San Diego, but Arizona could be a likely destination if the game has to be moved. The Arizona Cardinals have a bye this Sunday.

A fan e-mailed me to see about the possibility of the game being played at Reliant Stadium, and if it is played in Houston whether or not season ticket holders would get first dibs on tickets. All I can say at this point is that many venues, including Reliant Stadium, are being discussed, but I haven't heard any talk about how tickets would be sold/distributed if the game is at Reliant Stadium. I'll keep everyone updated so that as soon as I hear something it's posted on

Also, one fan asked about the possibility of the game being played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. According to this article on, "University of Phoenix Stadium in suburban Glendale and the Los Angeles Coliseum and the Rose Bowl have been eliminated as possible sites."

According to **this update**, the NFL continues to debate what to do about the game.'s Jim Trotter, a former Chargers beat writer, writes this **in-depth account** of what San Diego general manager A.J. Smith is going through.

Coach Gary Kubiak had this to say about the upcoming game in his weekly press conference on Monday:

(on the possibility of having to play at a neutral site) "I don't know that much about it right now. There are some people that mentioned this morning about playing in Arizona, and it's been mentioned to me in the last hour that they may play Sunday night, may play Monday night, I don't know. I just know that we'll have to adjust. They'll figure out a time for us to play the football game. You're concerned for those people in California in those fires. I've been through that in Denver and that's a horrible thing, so you just keep them in your prayers and we'll figure out what to do with the football game."

(on what he went through in Denver) "They had some of the same issues in Denver at one time. We had coaches have to leave the field one day during practice. The fires were coming down from the mountains. It was about five or six years ago. We had a couple of coaches that their homes were very close to being lost, and I just remember how scary it was for their families. But everything worked out."

The Chargers released this statement to the media on Wednesday:

"Throughout Wednesday the Chargers maintained close touch with the Office of Mayor Jerry Sanders and the National Football League. The Chargers continue to have only one goal: provide Mayor Sanders with the time and flexibility he needs to make whatever decision the Mayor believes is in the best interests of the people of San Diego. The Chargers are fully prepared to implement whatever decision the Mayor makes, including either playing the game at Qualcomm Stadium or relocating the game to another facility outside the San Diego area."

Keep checking back for updates. Discuss the situation with other fans **here** on the official team message boards.**


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