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Fitzgerald says he might be third-best WR on field Sunday

Just got done with a very entertaining conference call interview with Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. He talked a lot about Andre Johnson and was candid and humorous from the start, when John McClain asked Fitzgerald if he gets anything out of playing in the same game as Johnson.

McClain prefaced the question by saying to Fitzgerald that it's not often you have two guys who everybody views as the best at their position in the same game.

"I've got a unique position this week," Fitzgerald said. "I might be the third-best guy on the field... (behind) Anquan Boldin, Andre Johnson. Kevin Walter is a (very) good football player, and we've got another one, Steve Breaston. So I'm just fighting and scratching to get some balls this week and trying to get this team a win."

Fitzgerald was highly complimentary of Johnson. He said that he watches film of every single route that Johnson, Reggie Wayne and Randy Moss run on a weekly basis.

When asked to name the best receiver in the league, Fitzgerald ended up listing a Top 5 (which actually turned into a Top 6 and seemed to be delivered in no particular order): Johnson, Wayne, himself and Moss along with DeSean Jackson and Steve Smith of the New York Giants.

"I think the top five guys, that could change weekly," he said. "It's all about matchups and who's playing well. You've got a lot of guys around the NFL that are playing really good football, so it's hard to say from week in to week out. I think you kind of have to assess that after the year is over."

The Cardinals' All-Pro receiver also said some great things about defensive end Antonio Smith. Fitzgerald and Smith were both drafted by the Cardinals in 2004 and became close friends during their five years together with the team.

Check back later on – we'll have the full transcript and a podcast of Fitzgerald's interview up shortly.

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