Five questions no one can answer yet

Will the secondary with rookie Kareem Jackson be good enough?

How will the loss of Brian Cushing for the first four games impact the team?

Will the running game pick up where it left off in the final two games of '09?

Will the tight ends, most notably Owen Daniels, get to the starting line healthy?

Will the placekicker, whether it's Kris Brown or Neil Rackers, shake off damaging crunch time misses from last year?

On the Brink of Training Camp 
The trek begins now. Let's savor it. When people scoff at preseason ball, I say "Would you like to watch that LeBron 'Decision' show again?" This is football, to be loved and appreciated in all its forms. I like watching guys go through the struggle of making the team

Once upon a time Zac Diles and David Anderson were long shots. Mike Brisiel was undrafted and became a solid starter before getting hurt last year.

The NFL is filled with stories of men who were written off but persevered and eventually thrived. Wes Welker went from an undrafted, undersized player who no one wanted to a star wide receiver that would one day get traded for second- and seventh-round draft picks and make millions on a second contract.

Heck, the preseason is "American Idol" on the gridiron.

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