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Fred Bennett: The rookie

I've never been hung up on awards because for me football is about the team. But I have to say that I was really honored to be named Rookie of the Year on Tuesday at the Texans draft luncheon.

Having my teammates go out and vote for me, even though I came in last year as a fourth-round draft pick, was a really good accomplishment.

Now, we have a new draft class coming in. A lot of people have been comparing me to our new corner, Antwaun Molden, because we both went to small schools and we are tall, physical guys.

We picked Antwaun in the third-round and this week I got to see tape on him for the first time. He looked pretty impressive, and once he works with our coaching staff he can become a great player.

I also want to help mentor Antwaun because I know how much it meant to have Dunta Robinson mentor me, but I won't go easy on him. Rookies always have to pay their dues – it's how you get better in this league. I know that much is true.

  • Fred Bennett
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