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Houston Texans

Full transcript of Kubiak's quotes on RB Larry Johnson

During his weekly Monday afternoon press conference today, Texans coach Gary Kubiak was asked several questions about running back Larry Johnson. Johnson, a two-time Pro Bowler, was released today by the Kansas City Chiefs. He had been suspended twice by the team in the past 12 months.

I **Tweeted an update** on this during the presser, but here's a full transcript of the Q&A regarding Johnson. It shows the full context of what Kubiak said about the 29-year-old running back.

Texans coach Gary Kubiak(on if they have any interest in RB Larry Johnson) "Obviously, I think when a name like that comes on the free agent market like today, we'll obviously go back and take a look at him just like any other player. But obviously, he's been a good player in this league, and I'm sure he'll get a lot of interest from a lot of people."

(on if that means they're interested) "I think that means we will take a look at him. That's what that means."

(on RB Larry Johnson having issues on field and off the field and why they are interested in him knowing all that) "Well, your question was, 'Would we take a look at him?' And I said, 'Yes, we would, because he's a free agent and he's out there.'"

(on if they are interested in signing RB Larry Johnson) "I don't know. We'd have to take a look at him first and evaluate him."

(on if they need a guy who can do what RB Larry Johnson can do) "Larry Johnson's a good football player, and we're going to take a hard look at him."

Check back on later this afternoon for more on the contents of Kubiak's press conference.

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