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Houston Texans

Fun on the Frozen Tundra

Ladies and Gentlemen, your football team has turned a corner. We don't know where the road leads to and its preferred destination might not be reached until next year, but the Texans showed the kind of grit and moxy you've been aching to see for a long time.

Matt Schaub has three come-from-behind fourth-quarter drives in his short Texans' career. That's three more than Aaron Rogers. If you're still wondering what Gary Kubiak and Rick Smith saw in Schaub when they traded two number two picks for him, you probably didn't watch Sunday. Schaub made play after play and led the Texans from their 3-yard line to the Green Bay 22 to set up the gam-winning field goal in a 'one-for-the-ages' road win.

So what if the Packers aren't going anywhere and the Texans gave the ball away four times. This is a team that went over a year without a road win and has now won back-to-back and has a three game winning streak going. Yes, the turnover bug bit in the frigid weather, but the team fought through the adversity and pulled it out.

So be it if the playoffs won't happen. This Sunday's showdown with Tennessee is all of a sudden a huge game that could help propel your team to its first winning season ever.

We had the radio booth window open at Lambeau Field to feel the elements and soak up the atmosphere. Green Bay is a shrine to the game. It's an honor to win on the hallowed ground of the frozen tundra, no matter what the circumstances.

Fans are woulda-coulda-shouldaing all over Houston, as even one more victory to date this season would have put the Texans on the playoff bubble. But what we have here is a turnaround in culture that could carry into next year and really help this squad contend. Gary Kubiak's teams have been so strong in December. Now, they have to find away to hit it big in the early part of the season.

A big part of this recent success is the defense, which has gotten more aggressive and opportunistic. Houston lost the turnover battle Sunday but made big plays on D to stop drives and push the Packers out of field goal range toward the end of the game. A holding penalty along with a DeMeco Ryans' sack thwarted the Pack's late field goal threat and set up Schaub and company's heroics late.

This was a delicious win that should be savored. A win over the Titans would be a holiday feast, but it'll be a tough order to fill.

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