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Houston Texans

Gameday for a Houston Texans Cheerleader

Hi, Texans Fans!

As a rookie member of the Houston Texans Cheerleaders I have had many amazing experiences so far this year. I get many questions from friends and Texans fans asking about my experiences as a cheerleader. One question I get asked over and over again is what we do on gameday to prepare for a home game and what the cheerleader locker room is like.

Our pregame rituals start several hours before kickoff. As soon as we arrive in the locker room, we immediately begin unpacking our bags to organize all of the gear we will need before and throughout the game. Some of us put on makeup and style our hair, while others go over the many routines we will perform throughout the day.

First on the agenda is line practice. There are four groups of cheerleaders that you see on the sidelines during the game. Each of these groups, or lines as we call them, practices separately in the locker room. It is a quick way to review all of our routines before we go into the stadium for field practice in front of our director, Alto Gary, and various Texans personnel. During field practice, we can hear the music in the stadium and perform our routines like we will later during the game. As soon as we return to the locker room from field practice, the organized chaos begins.

We have many appearances all over Reliant Stadium that we do before our pregame show. All of the appearances are at different times in different locations and we are always in a rush to get to where we need to be at the right time. In between these pregame appearances, we are eating breakfast and getting our hair styled by a team of stylists from one of our sponsor salons, as well as makeup touch-ups and uniform changes. After the pregame appearances, we get one last chance to prep ourselves before stepping out onto the field for the game. Then, it's game time!!

Although we are very busy in the locker room before the game, we do have time to have fun, joke around and catch up with one another. Finally, **we always take photos** to capture the moments we have as 2009-10 Houston Texans Cheerleaders! Go Texans!!!

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