Gatorade, Watt family collaborate to Beat the Heat

Houston summers are no joke when it comes to the blistering heat - sweating just walking from the car to school or your office building.

The Watt brothers and Gatorade teamed up to create some fun public service announcements to educate fellow athletes and fans alike in proper hydration and heat safety the only way they know how - with an extra serving of humor.

The first video talks about the "Color of Hydration," which offers the most obvious way of seeing whether your body is getting enough liquids.

The second PSA explains how to properly "Dress for Sweat-cess."

Highly recommended: Check out some behind-the-scenes bloopers of the Watt Brothers as they shot these Gatorade PSAs. If these don't bring a smile to your face on a Monday, I'm not sure what will.