Get involved on!

I wanted to take a moment or two and ecourage all of my friends on to really try and take the time this season and get involved in not only cheering on the Houston Texans at home games, but putting some effort into and building up your profiles!

Try visiting at LEAST once a week! If you attend Texans events, take pictures and post them here for all of us to see! I'm going to try and make a habit of posting pictures from all of my appearances throughout the summer and during the season as well. Let's get more involved and create an army of Texans fans and take over the WORLD!

Are you game? I'm game. ::high five::

I have a lot of fun on and I love to stay connected to everyone. So feel free to write me, leave comments, build up your friends list, change up your profiles, blog about events, your opinions, post pictures from the events you attend and let's get this show on the road and support our amazing team during this 2010-2011 football season!!




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