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Get the latest videos with Texans DeskSite

HD video platform delivers exclusive Texans content to laptops, desktops, tablets

You've got video....Texans video. All one click away.

Get closer to your favorite team with the Texans DeskSite, an interactive video platform that proactively delivers hours of exclusive team content to fans – for free.

A DVR for the Internet, the Texans DeskSite provides a personalized Texans video library with stunning HD quality. With the ability to view all video on your devices whether you are connected to the internet or not, DeskSite is a must have for every Texans fans.

To provide this new fan experience, the Texans partnered with DeskSite, a digital media company based in Irvine, Calif.

"The Texans DeskSite offers fans everything they want, and equally important, nothing they don't," said Richard Gillam, CEO of DeskSite. "With this new platform, we've made some exciting leaps forward in the evolution of digital media, most notably in the twin pillars of content curation and content access. If you're a serious Texans fan, this is a 'must have' experience."

The app automatically downloads and stores videos directly to users' devices, allowing fans to view content without having to be connected to the Internet. Playback is instantaneous, with none of the buffering, freezing or dropping associated with streaming video.

"I start every morning by opening the Texans DeskSite," commented Texans digital media manager Eric SanInocencio. "This platform is essentially like having a complete HD video library with you at all times."

In addition to serving as a premium HD video delivery platform and programmable DVR, the Texans DeskSite operates as a central hub for aggregated access to Texans digital content, including the team's official website, Twitter feeds and Facebook page.

Video programming includes full-length Texans TV shows, interviews with players and coaches, postgame recaps, in-depth scouting combine and draft coverage, cheerleader spotlights and breaking news. Texans fans will also have access to the team's in house programming, including new shows 'Texans Extra Points' and 'Texans Late Night', which will air throughout the season.

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