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Get those votes in for TORO!

Fans, voting for the second round of's "Most Fierce NFL Mascot Competition" ends Tuesday, June 17, and TORO needs your help.

After a convincing first-round victory over the Colts' Blue, the Texans' mascot currently trails the Bills' lower-seeded Billy Buffalo in round two. It's going to take a huge upswing for him to grab the lead in the final day and advance to the third round. **Cast your vote**, and tell a friend!

As Texans message board user "Yosarian" wrote in **a post in the Texans Tailgate**:

"Wake up and vote for TORO everyone...don't let this victory slip from our grasp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Support our TORO! Who else comes down from a zip wire at the top of Reliant and smashes a mock pittsburg steeler?

Remember that open roof HOT game when we made steelers wear black ..sure we lost but the TORO entrance was awesome.

Not to mention how TORO always comes out to greet the tailgaters and makes time for all the kids. We have a great mascot so let's show him our support. We could have a lame one but we dont so let's start out our season by winning this thing darn it!"

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