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Gibbs effect felt by all

New assistant head coach Alex Gibbs has quite the vociferous coaching style to go along with his 24 seasons of NFL coaching experience, and has quickly made his presence felt by far more than just the Texans' offensive line this offseason.

Said head coach Gary Kubiak, when asked about Gibbs' fiery demeanor: "Well, he's demanding. He doesn't just coach his offensive linemen, he coaches everybody. He coaches the backs, the quarterbacks, he coaches me, he coaches the running back coach. He's demanding on everybody for his run game to work, and that's why it's been successful."

And from Andre Johnson, who actually **was asked a few questions by the media about something other than his knee**: "Coach Gibbs, from when he's in the meeting room explaining the run game, he's a guy that you just want to sit and listen to because he just brings some type of excitement. He's always saying something that you giggle at or something. But he's one guy, it doesn't matter what position you play; I think he's great to have for our team. He's definitely old school."

  • Nick Scurfield
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