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Gibbs gives rare interview on his way out of town

Alex Gibbs, who earlier this week left the Texans to coach the Seattle Seahawks' offensive line under Pete Carroll, gave **a rare interview** on his way out of Houston to Mark Berman of FOX 26.

And by rare, I mean really, really rare. To my knowledge, Gibbs had not done a single interview since coming out of retirement in 2008 to be the Texans' assistant head coach/offense. He didn't talk to the media (save for one or two rare occasions) in his Denver days, and he forbade his Broncos offensive linemen from speaking to the media. Gibbs even instituted a fine system for Texans offensive linemen for speaking to the media, but that didn't last long due to today's NFL rules about player availability.

Berman said that Gibbs told him that leaving the Texans was an easy decision and the right thing to do. Gibbs had taken a step back this year and become less hands-on as he gave way to offensive line coach John Benton.

"I was in John's way," Gibbs said. "I needed to get out of his way. John is doing a great job and I'm on to another challenge."

After working closely with Benton, assistant offensive line coach Frank Pollack, former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and everyone involved in the Texans' running game, Gibbs will now start a new foundation with Carroll and the Seahawks. He tells Berman that he became close to Carroll after Carroll's first season at USC, when Gibbs was as a consultant to help with USC's offense.

Among his other comments to Berman, Gibbs had high praise for Texans head coach Gary Kubiak.

"I enjoyed working with Gary," Gibbs said. "He is one of my favorite people ever. He is a great young head coach. The Texans are really close and I wish them nothing but the best."

**Click here** for Berman's full story.

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