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Give Home Team Challenge a shot!

Fear not if you have FFP, otherwise known as fantasy football phobia. These days it's more difficult to program your cell phone than it is to join a league. The celebrity league I was in last year was a low maintenance way of jumping into the fray. Somehow, I performed like an undermanned expansion team and was lucky not to end up with the number one pick in '07.

A few things to remember as you embark on your football fantasy journey on **Home Team Challenge**:

Go for the best yardage and point producers you can find within your budget. Taking too many flyers on the next Marques Colston could quickly land you in last place.

Don't feel like you have to have Peyton Manning in order to win. However, if you do have Peyton Manning you probably will win.

Stay away from big names that are not producing. Reggie Bush is a hot ticket, but he averaged 3.6 yards per carry. He catches a lot of balls, but that might not help you enough in the yardage department (by the way, this is by no means anti-Reggie propaganda).

Don't forget to spend time with your family. If you skip bathing, work, filing taxes or you haven't seen the sun in two months, you may be getting a tad obsessive. If this happens, watch some cricket matches on cable. This should snap you right out of it.

As far as the Texans go, there could be some bargains here. The Texans' defense finished the last 10 games in the top 10 so they will be under the radar early. Also, Owen Daniels could be a steal at tight end following a great start last year. You might even find some people passing on Andre Johnson early because they think the yards per catch won't be there. But the Texans should be throwing down field a lot more this season.

In the AFC South, be careful of any QB not named Peyton Manning. Matt Schaub is just getting started as a starter and might need some time to put up big numbers. Jacksonville could be a mess at the signal-caller position. And Vince Young always makes plays with his legs, but he lost two key wide receivers and has to break in some new pass catchers (this is by no means anti-Vince propaganda).

Remember to have fun. Sure, you're competitive and enjoy pressure. But your job is not in jeopardy (unless you spend too much time in your cubicle dissecting stats).


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