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Houston Texans

Going for the Jacksonville sweep

A lot has been made this week of Fred Taylor's comments. After the Jaguars beat the Titans last weekend, Taylor guaranteed a victory against us this Sunday.

That's fine. He can talk all he wants to talk. Fred's been hit a lot, he's getting old, so we don't worry about that. Like I've said, if Jacksonville needs that motivation, then we're obviously in their heads.

Enough about that. We're psyched up to play the Jaguars again. I love playing division teams twice because there are no secrets. You both know what the other team is going to do. Let the better man win. I think that's what it all comes down to.

The Jaguars' offense certainly has improved since the last time we played. I think they're going to focus more on the run this time around. You look at their wins the past two weeks and I think that's the thing they focused on is going out there and trying to run the ball and establish the run.

Their former backup quarterback, David Garrard, has gone out there and has had two big games, but he hasn't really beat anybody throwing the ball. The thing that they're doing right now is running the ball effectively and we've got to be able to stop that before anything else. When they're running the ball well, they win a lot of ball games.

With Byron Leftwich out, and Garrard replacing him, that affects our approach a little bit because Garrard's a mobile quarterback, and that can make you a little bit passive on defense. Sometimes you might be afraid to attack because you're afraid of his scrambling ability, but we're not going to do that and we don't really care who is back there.

Overall, I like how our defense is playing. The only thing that's missing is the turnovers. In order to win in this league, you've got to win the turnover battle, and we have to create them as a defense. How that happens is tough to say, you think the takeaways would just come over time with the way that we're playing. But we go out there and we practice day in and day out and hopefully we'll start forcing some turnovers.

You can see examples each Sunday that the team that wins the turnover battle is going to win the game. If we can do that, I'm sure we'll come out with a win on Sunday.

Take care,


P.S. Thanks a lot to all the people that sent me ideas for gangster movies. I'll have to check them out. Maybe I'll post some movie reviews in the future. Also, I appreciate the supportive messages. It's nice to know that we have so many great fans that have our backs.



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