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H-E-B Tailgater Stories – Trill Texan Tailgate


For the Trill Texans Tailgaters, the recipe for success is very simple: serve the best food and have fun.

Fixtures in the Yellow Lot on gameday for the last two decades, what began as four diehard fans has now grown to 10 who contribute each game.

"We have the best food," Bryan Martin said. "The homemade tortilla chips and salsa are a must-have for every home game."

The Trill Texans Tailgaters rely on H-E-B for those chips and salsa, and the bulk of the rest of what they serve, and it's one key component to their good times.

Bryan's favorite memory came the day the Texans won their first-ever playoff game in 2011 against the Bengals. In addition to the gorgeous weather and huge victory, it was also his 31st birthday.

"We had two things to celebrate," Bryan said.

The group chose the name 20 years ago as a common play on the word 'real', and because they were big fans of Bun-B. Bryan joked that they chose the name well before Trill Burgers went into business.

Rain or shine, win or loss, the Trill Texan Tailgaters say they always have a great time and have built fantastic relationships with fellow fans and tailgaters over the years.

Before the home finale later this season, they're entered in the Tailgater of the Year Contest, and will duke it out for top honors.

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