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Houston exhales

There was a numb feeling when Eugene Wilson fumbled his would-be game sealing interception with just over three minutes to go in the fourth quarter. It wasn't as if the game was over, but it seemed like the season was slipping away and it was getting close to draft talk time.

After the Dolphins punched the ball in the end zone, the Texans went on a drive that is easily the greatest in team history. And it was the greatest player in Texans' history coming up with an unbelievable catch that kept it going on a fourth-and-10 conversion.

Several views of the highlight reveal a play that the entire league should be talking about but won't until the Texans back this day up with a winning streak to put them back in the hunt.

Andre Johnson may have fumbled on his way to the end zone earlier in the game, but he was not to be denied when it mattered most.

On a day when Matt Schaub was getting booed after throwing two early picks, he would later be the hero running for a three-yard game winning score with three seconds left.

Say what you will about wins over Carolina and New Orleans last year. This was Schaub's coming out party. He didn't have his "best stuff" and some fans let him know that they preferred Sage Rosenfels. But Schaub battled through it and, with a little help from his friends, willed his team to victory.

The fact that the Texans survived four turnovers and the vigor of hot team showed a lot. They lost to the Colts by imploding. They beat the Dolphins by refusing to give into the opponent's efforts or their own mistakes.

Now comes Detroit and then Cincinnati. The coaches will talk about how they shouldn't look ahead, and let's hope the Texans heed the warning. Just ask the Redskins who lost to the previously winless Rams. Nothing comes easy in the NFL. And the Texans can elaborate on that as much as anyone.

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