How do you spell relief? W-I-N

Now that's more like it. I went to the stadium calm. All the guys I usually see in the press box were in a good mood. We tried not to talk much about the game. I just wanted to let it unfold. Sometimes I want the Texans to win so badly that I'm just better off concentrating on doing a good broadcast and letting the chips fall where they may. I felt like saying "serenity now!" a couple of times after some missed opportunities, but it wasn't necessary. This was a great win. I don't want to hear how the Jags had players out. The Texans have had a bunch of guys out from the get-go and they've been getting ripped as if they were favored in some of these losses.

This is a much better team than the one that lost the first three games. The hope is that second half against Dallas is more of an aberration than who this team really is. The defense got a much needed B-12 shot with Kailee Wong, Antwan Peek and Petey Faggins back. And the offense has figured out something about moving the football with a controlled passing game and, as of Sunday, a serviceable running game.

Don't count the Tennessee game in the win column automatically. This team has been playing better with inspired running by Travis Henry and Vince Young at the controls. They beat Washington on the road and we all know what the Redskins did to the Texans. A win in Nashville would be a huge step and proof that the Gary Kubiak plan is working faster than perhaps some people (you know who you are) expected.

The fact is there is a lot of giddiness in Texansnation about this matchup. Not just because of Vince, but because Houston can win back-to-back for the first time since 2004 and beat last year's win total by Week 8.

Wali Lundy's 93 yards was a good showing. But the Texans' short passing game has become somewhat of a running game. It's sometimes a four-yard throw and a cloud of dust, but so what? It works. If the home team can move the ball on the 70 percent accuracy of David Carr and get enough of a ground game to keep defenses honest, then they can get that winning feeling a lot more this year.

Note to the fans: If you're reading this, then you already know. But pass it on to your friends to be quiet when the team is on offense and get loud on defense. Too many times when the Texans needed a stop, some of the fans were sipping beverages instead of trying to drown out the offense. Fans do make a tremendous impact on the game even if they don't feel like it.

Of course, none of this matters for the next three weeks because the Texans have a trifecta of games away from home. See you back at Reliant on Nov. 19 against Buffalo. But I'll be typing in this space and live verbally from the road games on Sports Radio 610 (and in the afternoons 2-6 p.m.). Enjoy the win!



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