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I beg to differ (with myself)

Well, turns out this morning's reaction to Texans coach Gary Kubiak's apparent announcement of rookie Duane Brown as the new starting left tackle was a bit presumptive. Kubiak cleared the air following the team's afternoon practice on the first day of mini-camp, saying that "we haven't made any decisions. We're lining up, working reps."

The idea, as the above link points out, is that the coaches want to throw Brown into the fire right off the bat to give him as many reps against should-have-been Pro Bowler Mario Williams as possible. While I must go on the record as disagreeing with myself for my earlier blog post, I can't say that I see a way to argue with Kubiak on the idea that his plan will do anything but make Brown a better player whenever the time for depth-chart setting does come around.

  • Nick Scurfield
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