Inactives, lineup changes for Texans-Colts

Here are the inactives and starting lineup changes for today's Texans-Colts game on Deep Steel Sunday at Reliant Stadium. Kickoff is at noon CT.

Inactives - Texans:
7 QB Dan Orlovsky (3QB)
17 WR Glenn Martinez
27 RB Arian Foster
38 CB Mark Parson
42 S Brian Russell
66 DT DelJuan Robinson
70 G Tutan Reyes
97 DT Frank Okam

Starting lineup change - Texans:John Busing will start at free safety for Eugene Wilson, who was placed on injured reserve this week.

Inactives - Colts:
4 K Adam Vinatieri
11 WR Anthony Gonzalez
12 QB Jim Sorgi (3QB)
26 CB Kelvin Hayden
43 DB Aaron Francisco
47 TE Gijon Robinson
93 DE Dwight Freeney
96 DE Keyunta Dawson

Starting lineup changes - Colts:
Raheem Brock will start at defensive end for Freeney. Jacoby Lacey will start at left cornerback for Hayden. Tom Santi will start at H-back for Robinson.

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