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Houston Texans

Injured players give teammates a boost

The Texans are hard at work to stay in shape this offseason, with the goals of staying injury-free and reaching the playoffs in 2008 in mind.

Head coach Gary Kubiak strongly encourages players to attend voluntary workouts during the offseason, and it's paying off in the form of an energetic team attitude and an increasingly strong team chemistry as players spend more and more time together off the field.

Some of the players spending the most time in the weight and training rooms are those fighting to rebound from serious injuries and make it back on the field in 2008. Their teammates are taking notice. Texans strength and conditioning coach Dan Riley, when asked about the impact that cornerback Dunta Robinson's vigorous comeback effort has on the players working next to him every day, said this:

"I think there are certain players on every team that are high profile, and Dunta's obviously one of our high-profile, better players and I think he has the ability to elevate other players around him as does Andre (Johnson)," Riley said. "And there are certain players, like quarterbacks, and I think players seeing Dunta, Charles Spencer, trying so hard to come back, Fred Weary, the guys that have been hurt, I think it is inspirational. And I think Dunta's one of the guys that can do that. He can elevate players to a higher level."

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