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Injuries taking a toll

I'm torn about where the Texans are headed from here. On the one hand, they are certainly miles better than the first three games of the season. They are playing better, winning more and growing together as a team. On the other hand, bodies are dropping like flies, and I'm hoping they have enough players to field a team by the time we get to December.

No one will sing the blues for them, but the Texans have lost both starting offensive tackles, both defensive tackles and a former starting cornerback. And don't forget they're playing the season without their would-be starting running back, and have yet to use their all-pro kick return man.

But that's life in the NFL. Despite the injuries, this group of men is gelling and developing those much-sought-after intangible assets that are so important to winning teams.

We had Demeco Ryans at Sports Radio 610's Hooters show Tuesday, and needless to say, he was a big hit. Former Oilers receiver, and Texans Ambassador, Haywood Jeffires was there to talk about Homecoming for the Buffalo game. Jeffires went to three Pro Bowls and was a part of the Warren Moon attack that went to the playoffs seven straight years.

There are some people in Houston who view that run as a failure because they won only three postseason games in that stretch. I realize we all want championships, but I still wouldn't mind experiencing that kind of "lack of success."

I hope Buffalo doesn't take it personally that they are the "Homecoming" opponent. Hey Bills, it's just an event we want to do to honor the pros of Houston's past. Nothing personal.

What a great event to host. The players (especially the former Oilers) really appreciate the Texans reaching out to them. They feel abandoned by their former employer, and now the resident professional franchise is embracing them as it's own. Very nice touch.



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