James Casey Question & Answer

Jose - Missouri City, TX, US: Are you ready for 2010 seasson?

James Casey (1:54:15AM): Thanks for joining me today for the live chat. I look forward to answering your questions.

Jose, I am absolutely ready for the 2010 season. I've been working hard this offseason. I feel like I'm as strong as I've ever been. I learned a lot my rookie season and I'm really looking forward to having a breakout sophomore campaign.

Richard Wagner - Houston, TX, US: What do you think of your nickname THOR and would you like people to continue calling you that in the future?

James Casey (1:56:13AM): I love the nickname Thor. I think anytime people give you a nickname, it's a compliment. That nickname began in college, when I would play quarterback sometimes. We would call it the "Thor" package on offense. The nickname just stuck with me. The nickname hasn't stuck with me with the Texans, but everyone around Rice still calls me Thor.

Tim Crachit - Houston, TX, US: What is your favorite class at Rice and why?

James Casey (1:57:14AM): My favorite class right now is "Intro to Golf." It's every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 a.m. I think I have a good shot at making a good grade in that class.

Beka - Houston, TX, US: James, Who do you think the most funny player on the team is, and why? Thanks for answering my question. #1Texans fan no matter what!!!!!

James Casey (1:58:43AM):

Of course, everyone knows that David Anderson is really funny. He keeps everyone in a good mood around practice and he's always up to something. Also, Tim Bulman really cracks me up on a day-to-day basis.

Josh Billings - Pullman, WA, US: Do you ever throw the baseball around and play catch?

James Casey (1:59:58AM): No, I don't really do that. I have the urge to go to the batting cage and hit some baseballs every once in a while now that the season is starting. My shoulder is all jacked up because of football so I don't want to throw:)

beka - Houston, TX, US: James, When you first had an interest in football, what position did you want to play, and why? Also, have you made any close friends while playing for the Texans? Thanks for your time! #1 Texans fan no matter what!!!!!!

James Casey (2:02:23PM): My first position was quarterback, which I played in high school and in college a little bit. We had a really good quarterback at Rice, so they moved me around to tight end and receiver. I really enjoy doing that now. On the Texans, I'm really close friends with all of the tight ends. We're around each other all of the time, so it's easy to get to know those guys well, especially Anthony Hill because we came in the same class, our lockers are right next to each other and we're both going through the same situation.

Mark Chiste - Yonkers, NY, US: What's the hardest class you're taking right now at Rice?

James Casey (2:04:03PM): The hardest class I'm in right now is corporate finance. I didn't do so well on the first exam. I won't give you a grade, but it wasn't pretty. Hopefully, I can bounce back the rest of the semester and end up with a passing grade.

Jose - Missouri City, TX, US: Would it be hard to get in the draft without any college experience?

James Casey (2:05:35PM): I thought about applying for the draft right after baseball:) But guys have to go to college to put stuff on film, so the NFL can evaluate them. I only played two years at Rice, but you do have to prove yourself before you get drafted.

Jose - Missouri City, TX, US: Do you think we can make it to the playoffs cause I have feeling that this year its going to be it

James Casey (2:07:23PM): Absolutely, I think we can make it to the playoffs. We have all the pieces together to do it. I think everyone is really hungry this season to start strong and prove that the Texans are an elite franchise.

Stephanie Stradley - Houston, TX, US: Have you discussed with the Texans staff what your role will be like for next year? They've talked about doing more two tight end sets, but got a little shorthanded at TE by the end of the year. I know you are willing to do whatever the coaches ask you to, but what are your favorite things to do in the offense?

James Casey (2:10:27PM): I haven't discussed with the Texans what my role will be next year. I take the approach that I'm going to work as hard as I possibly can and show the coaches what I can do. It's my job to prove to them that I can help the team and let them decide what is best for the team. Of course, I hope I am very involved this year and I'm looking forward to getting started.

Stephanie Stradley - Houston, TX, US: How's your knee doing? What sort of rehab did you have to do?

James Casey (2:11:37PM): My knee is doing fantastic. I feel the best I've ever felt. The biggest thing I had to do to get my knee back was get a little bit of rest after the season. It feels great now, though. I'm 100 percent.

Sammy - Azle, TX, US: I remember you coming out of Azle High and being drafted (by the White Sox if I remember correctly) to play pro baseball. How far did you go through the system, and what happened that led you to Rice and back to football?

James Casey (2:14:24PM): I was drafted out of high school by the White Sox in the seventh round and went directly into their farm system in Bristol, Virginia. I didn't go very far through the system. I stayed in rookie ball. I threw really hard (95 mph was my tops), but I didn't have the control. I was drilling people left and right, but nobody ever charged the mound. After I got released by the White Sox, I decided I wanted to play football and ended up getting a scholarship to play linebacker at Rice. I played one spring at starting defensive end for Rice and then they moved me to the offensive side.

Kathy Grubbs - Las Cruces, NM, US: James You were one of my favorite rookies to watch last season. Can you tell me how the feeling inthe lockerroom changed from the beginning of the season to the end of the season?

James Casey (2:16:57PM): For me personally, being a rookie I didn't really know what to expect at the beginning of the season. I was trying to learn as much as I could from the veterans and trying to understand how it was to be a pro in the NFL. By the second half of the season, I settled down and understood what the schedule would be like and what I needed to do to be a pro. By the end of the season, I feel like everyone on the team was really confident and we knew we could play with anybody in the league. That's also what makes everyone so excited for this year.

Brenda - San Antonio, TX, US: James, How is your wife's baby coming along, and when is she do? I remember from your diary that it is going to be a boy. How excited are you that you are going to have a son, and when your wife found out she was pregnant were you hoping for a boy? Thanks for answering my question and congratulations on your baby!!!!!!

James Casey (2:21:41PM): The baby is coming along very nicely. She is six months right now and we're coming down the home stretch. We were very excited when we found out we were having a boy. I was hoping for a boy, but I would be excited either way. I don't know why everyone is giving so much grief to Lane Kiffen at USC for giving a scholarship to a teenager. My son isn't even born yet and he is committed to Rice University:)

Tim - Houston, TX, US: James, what would you dooo for a Klondike Bar???

James Casey (2:22:45PM): Awesome question, Tim. I have never had a Klondike bar before, but I would appreciate it if you could bring me one during training camp.

Javier Reyes Jr - Houston, TX, US: What are you most looking foward to in Fatherhood since your about to become a dad?

James Casey (2:24:21PM):

First of all, I just really hope that my son comes out healthy with 10 fingers and 10 toes. I am really looking forward to watching him grow up, seeing what he becomes and trying to teach him the best way I know how to be a good man.

86 fan - Houston, TX, US: James, Did any of the players do rookie terrorization on you like they did to Brian Cushing(I am refering to some of the teammates shaving his head)?Also, who befriended you the most in this past rookie season? Thanks for answering my questions, and I really enjoyed your rookie dirary during the season. Every Friday I would look foward to reading your newest diary. #1 Texans fan no matter what!!!!!

James Casey (2:26:54PM): I was not terrorized to the extent of Brian Cushing. All the rookies had to do an entertainment show and I put together a slideshow of look-a-like's for the Texans. It went over really well. I won't throw anyone under the bus with the look-a-like's, but I thought they were pretty good. Other than that, I had to carry some pads around here and there.

Mike - Houston, TX, US: Do you plan on continuing to blog next season as long as it doesn't interfere with football? Everyone loves reading what you write.

James Casey (2:28:01PM): I'm always willing to do those types of things if they ask me to. But I don't want to over-saturate the market and have you guys get tired of hearing from me.

Marcos - mexia, TX, US: wuz up casey...big hard time texan fan, wanted to ask you if der was any rumors of texans pursuing LT and wut u expect ur role to b in 2010????

James Casey (2:29:43PM):

From what I've heard, John McClain says there is no way we're going after L.T. Take that for what it's worth:) In 2010, I hope to have an increased role and get out on the field as much as possible. A couple more passes wouldn't hurt.

Beka - Houston, TX, US: James, What do you enjoy doing in your free time?I know some players have said that they enjoy golfing or bowling,do you like any of these? #1Texans fan no matter what!!!!!!

James Casey (2:32:00PM): I really don't have much free time, but I do enjoy golfing when I get the chance. That's what makes my golf class so nice, because I get to go to class and do something I enjoy. I also enjoy reading.

Michael - Cypress, TX, US: Now you said we can make it to the playoffs, but the most important game to a Texan fan will most definately be the Dallas game. What are your predictions for that game?

James Casey (2:34:33PM): I'll use the old cliche that we're going to take it one game at a time, but I'm definitely looking forward to the Dallas game. I am from the Fort Worth area and grew up a Cowboys fan. But now they're my enemies. My prediction for that game is that our fans are going to be insane at Reliant Stadium and make it really tough for Romo and the Cowboys.

Michael - Cypress, TX, US: What is the word on the street about no football in 2011? What is your take on the rumors?

James Casey (2:37:26PM):

I'm optimistic that we'll keep playing in 2011. We better. If you want more information, click here.

Nick - Cypress, TX, US: What is your favorite offensive formation to run plays out of?

James Casey (2:39:08PM): My favorite offensive formation is when they let James come in the game - whatever that may be. Seriously, probably my favorite formation is when we have three tight end sets, because I have a lot better chance of getting in the game when that happens.

David Alvarado - Mexia, TX, US: hey yo man casey arent you like a 4th stringer when is big andre gonna do one of these chats or super mario

James Casey (2:40:01PM): I'm really looking forward to Andre and Super Mario doing one of these live chats also.

Rusty Schneider - Seabrook, TX, US: James, what were some of of the positions that they tried you at this year? Which position did you enjoy the most?

James Casey (2:41:36PM): I played a lot of different special teams, as well as tight end and fullback. I really enjoyed tight end and fullback, whichever position gave me a better chance to play is what I enjoyed at the time.

Pablo Ruiz - Houston, TX, US: Who is the player you hang out with the most??

James Casey (2:42:45PM): I hang out with Anthony Hill the most. You would probably think that we wouldn't like each other coming in since we were drafted at the same position back-to-back. But we are really good friends. He's a great guy.

jerry - ft. worth, TX, US: Any chance you could make the golf team at Rice.

James Casey (2:44:13PM): Funny you ask that because I am considering walking on if the Texans would allow that - even though I'm a terrible golfer. Why not try? I still have eligibility left. I am also considering throwing the javelin.

Don DeSimone - Conroe, TX, US: Hi James, I enjoyed your articles from last season.What will be your main challenge for you and your role in the offense going into the 2010 season. take care and God Bless you.

James Casey (2:46:55PM): My main challenge is making the team again. We are starting back at ground zero and I have to prove myself again to make that final cut. If I do make the team, my main challenge is just getting the coaching staff and the players to trust that when they put me in the game I'll be able to get the job done.

Ian Smith - Spring, TX, US: Seriously, Don't you honestly think that this SAME roster without a couple of injuries could have made a SERIOUS push DEEP in the playoffs. And don't just give me an PC answer please sir. I want to know your honest opinion.

James Casey (2:52:02PM): I believe so. It was really frustrating watching the playoffs because I knew we were as good as anybody, especially the way we were playing late in the season. That's in the past now, though. We have to learn from that and make sure we start out strong next year.

Jason - livingston, TX, US: why u always kissin up

James Casey (2:54:22PM):

I don't feel I am. I try to answer every question honestly.

Stephanie Stradley - Houston, TX, US: Seems to me that during draft time of year, there is so much information out there on incoming players that it reduces the players to stereotypes and caricatures. That draftniks have to say something good and something bad just to keep their bases covered in case a player does well or doesn't. Did you ever hear something about yourself in the draft process that really made you shake your head? What was the oddest thing you were asked or asked to do?

James Casey (2:58:52PM): I would always shake my head when I heard people say that I couldn't block. It wasn't that I couldn't block. I just wasn't asked to at Rice with the way our offense operated. I don't think the Texans coaches would've played me at fullback if I couldn't block. During the draft process, I wasn't asked anything crazy because I think they thought I was an older, more mature guy.

Austin Dunlap - Houston, TX, US: Is this the year we see the James Casey wildcat??? Just kidding. I hope we never use the cat... not because of you but because it doesnt work if you arent called the Dolphins. How long before you challenge Joel and Owen for some playing time. I want to see some Thor-style head knockin'!!!

James Casey (1:05:02PM):

Thanks for sending in so many questions. I really appreciate it. I saved this question for last to try to find a diplomatic way of answering it.

Of course, I want to play as much as possible. I'm not just satisfied with being in the NFL and being an ordinary player. I want to be a starter and go on to do great things and help this team get to where we want to go. Right now, the only thing I can control is how hard I work and my attitude. I am just really looking forward to getting started with our workouts and then OTAs and training camp and showing everyone what I can do.

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